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Tashreefs Policies

Because We Care

In today’s online shopping market, we believe transparency should be the highest regarded customer value. That’s why we’ve clearly outlined all of our store policies below. Feel free to reach out with questions.

And Carefully all Policies Clause

Cancellation & Refund

How It Works

Cancellation Will be Accepted In 24 Hrs from Order & Refund Will Be Proceeding the Same Scenarios.
After this the process of refund or cancellation of order will not be valid.

for more details contact us :

Warranty Information

The Information You Need to Know

This product comes with a 1-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects, inherent termites and borer issues.

For upholstered products, the warranty applies to the frame, mechanisms, if any.

This limited warranty does not apply to the following:

  • Normal wear and tear of the product over prolonged use

  • Small cuts, scratches or damages due to wrong cleaning methods or impacts/accidents

  • Damage caused due incorrect installation/assembly by the customer

  • Cracks developed due to displacement of the product

  • Fading due to direct exposure to sunlight

  • Decaying of wood due to consistent exposure to water

  • Upholstery fabrics such as seat covers have no warranty

  • Non-standard dry-cleaning procedures or use of harsh chemicals

As per the industry standards, unevenness of up to 5 mm is accepted widely due to differences in floor and surface levels. This is not covered in warranty.

Terms & Conditions

Most Important Part - Must Read Before Using / On Ordering.

For any questions or clarifications relating to the product, feel free to contact our Customer Support email on

  • Understanding Your Product:

    Accessories shown in the photograph are meant for representation purposes only, and are not part of the actual product.

    Furniture products having intricate and hand-painted details have been meticulously created by skilled craftsmen, following on the footsteps of several generations of accomplished artisans. Each piece of such Furniture is, thus, unique, and there is a possibility of slight differences between the picture and the actual product.

  • Placing An Order:

    Please check the dimensions of your entrance/door to your premise before buying, so that there is no problem in getting the product inside at the time of delivery. In such a situation, we will not be able to accept return or cancellation requests. Certain items require no assembly and can be used as-is. For this, please check the item details. Wherever we assist with assembly, the carpenter visits will be scheduled.

  • On Returns:

    In Custom order's no any refund & Exchange policy applicable - Only can be canclled with in 24 Hrs before order mark as confirmed.

Care & Instructions

How to Handle or Maintain your Tashreefs Product.

  • Care guide

    • Vacuum your fabric furniture at a low pressure using a soft-bristled brush attachment.

    • Wipe the wooden surface with a clean microfiber cloth damped in wood-friendly cleansers. Further, wipe the moisture with a dry, soft, and lint-free cloth.

    • In case of a spill, immediately blot the stain with a clean, dry cloth in a gentle manner. Please make sure you do not rub the spot briskly.

    • Ensure that the furniture does not have any exposure to moisture and water.

    • Protect the furniture from direct sunlight and heat to maintain its original quality.

    • Keep away from sharp objects like blades, knives, and pet paws to avoid cuts and scratches.

    • Avoid chemical and alcohol contact with the furniture as it might harm the natural finish and durability of the product.

    • Get your furniture cleaned professionally every 5- 6 months to take care of the corners and sides you cannot reach. Such professional cleaning leads to a longer life and durability of the product.

    Please note: To maintain the quality of the furniture, make sure you do not use coarse material or rub the spot briskly.



As of now we are available only local location delivery in all Uttar Pradesh

  • Our support and delivery teams will be in touch with you for a hassle-free delivery.

  • Free delivery is only applicable for the first attempt to deliver at your shipping address. If a customer misses this delivery, an extra visiting charge will be applicable for the second attempt.

  • In absence of a service lift, our delivery partner shall only make a delivery to the ground floor of your apartment. Extra charges applicable per floor on delivery to the customer’s floor (on request) in such cases.

  • Extra charges applicable for weekend or time-specific delivery.


Need to know about product Installation

  • Depending on the delivery condition, your product may or may not require installation assistance upon delivery.

  • If The Delivery Condition Is:

    • Pre-assembled – no installation is required. The product comes fully-assembled and ready to use.

    • Expert Assembly – expert assistance is required, for which Tashreef's will provide carpenters / Fitters to carry out proper installation and assembly.

    • Basic assembly/DIY – the product requires minimal installation/assembly, which can be carried out by the customer using simple tools and assembly instructions provided. No expert assistance required.

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